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Termites are more than a nusiences, every single year, they inflict billions of dollars in damages!
Protect your  home-one of your largest investments.



We have several options available including spot treatments, full liquid treatments and a life time service agreement.

Life Time Service Agreement

This agreement is by far the most popular due to the fact it does not expire, is transferable and does not require additional future treatments. Never worry about your home again, relax-we have you protected for a life time.

Here are a few questions worth asking:

Do you have a termite bond or contract? Perhaps! Check your paper work and pay your termite renewal fee.  New Construction usually comes with a bond from the build/contractor who chose the termite company that provided the initial pre-treat while under construction.  Check with your realtor and they can help you locate the necessary documents.

Do I need a termite bond? Termites cause billions of dollars in damage, approximately 600,000 US homes each year. Eastern North Carolina is considered a high pressure area for termite activity.

What is a termite bond? A termite bond is a contract between a homeowner and a termite control company. The bond outlines the frequency and type of treatment as well as the type of guarantees.

How much does it cost? The cost of a termite bond and/or treatment depends upon several factors-The age of your home, the size, the type of construction methods/foundation types and the conditions around the home. It’s best to have a professional visit your home and consider all of the factors.

Is it transferable? If I sell my home will it transfer to the new owners? Yes, it should depending upon each company but a question worth asking.Usually it is a small fee to transfer the bond.




From the long term protection provided by a termite baiting system to the immediate protection from a conventional liquid treatment your home is protected with industry guarantees from America’s #1 Termite Defense Products. Check out the Termidor Homeowner Brochure
We always use the absolute best methods and products on the market to provide protection unparalleled in this industry. Offering a LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE SERVICE AGREEMENT that is compared to none!


There are several options and methods to choose from when selecting the “best” methods to treat for termites.  Which chemicals are safe, how long does it last, should I install a termite baiting system?

All questions worth asking.  Call today for a free evaluation, a free estimate and begin a lifetime of protection!

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